The Artistry of Ajrakh: How Block Printing Techniques Bring Designs to Life

The Artistry of Ajrakh: How Block Printing Techniques Bring Designs to Life

The Artistry of Ajrakh: How Block Printing Techniques Bring Designs to Life

Let’s begin by briefly visiting the history of Ajrakh Art. This fascinating art form has its rich tradition in glorious undivided India, corresponding to the contemporary regions of Kutch in Gujarat, as well as part of Rajasthan, and also included the area of Sindh in present day Pakistan. The history of Ajrakh dates back to the Indus Valley civilization, with some attributing it to the period of around 3000 BC, since Ajrakh motifs are found on the Mohenjo-Daro carvings. Yet others trace its origins to around 2500 BC-1500 BC. Be that as it may, Ajrakh art is indeed an ancient one, bringing vibrancy to fabrics and other material, through a variety of block printing designs.

The origin of the name itself has two schools of thought. One credits its origins to the Arabic word ‘Azak’, meaning blue, since indigo was a major component of the dye that was used. Others attribute its origin to Hindi root words ‘Aaj’ and ‘Rakh’, which translates into 'Keep it Today.' Perhaps an apt message for us in the 21st century, to keep alive the Ajrakh Art form, by patronizing the magnificent creations of these highly skilled artisans, so that it continues for posterity.

Ajrakh Printing is a natural art form that draws its inspiration from nature, and uses elements from nature to make the base material come alive. Central to this unique tradition, is the art of block printing. Skilled artisans meticulously carve intricate motifs of flowers, leaves, other inspirations from nature; or even folklore, cultural symbols, or geometric patterns, onto wooden blocks. These blocks are then dipped in dyes which have their source in plants, vegetables, minerals and other organic resources, each contributing their own unique hue and colour. Block printing is then done through resist dyeing and involves a complex, time-consuming process through which the practiced artisans turn out the most beautiful and stunning patterns on fabrics and other material.

While creating the blocks itself is an admirable skill, aligning and stamping the designs on to the material is equally challenging as it requires concentration, precision and the right amount of pressure, each time the block is dipped in the dye and stamped on the material. Even the dyeing techniques like resist dyeing, involve considerable knowledge and aptitude, as slightly altering colours and tones, result in different levels of intensity and intricacy of the final prints. There are challenges related to the cost of making a single block which may not even last too long, and also challenges related to the plentiful water required. Unfortunately, the current generation is not too keen to get into their ancestral profession, as it is time consuming and requires a lot of patience, while earnings are disproportionately low.

In the circumstances, while every effort is necessary to perpetuate the art, blending the traditional with modernity, is another way to keep the ancient art form alive, in the minds of the contemporary generation. Hence Ajrakh inspirations have been merged with modern techniques and perpetuated through mechanized and digital printing too. At The Bombay Store, our focus is therefore the promote the actual art itself; as well as keep it alive through mechanized means – lest it be lost forever over time.

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