Celebrating Mom: Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from the Artisan C – The Bombay Store
Celebrating Mom: Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from the Artisan Collection

Celebrating Mom: Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from the Artisan Collection

Celebrating Mom: Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from the Artisan Collection

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and your heart wants to make it the best one ever. But what do you gift this walking miracle who has gifted you precious life itself, and oodles of unconditional love all along the way? ‘Mom’ is a small unassuming word which holds a world of emotions – much like our unassuming Mothers who actually mean the world to us. After all, who else has the unique gift of understanding what we do not say, instinctively knowing what’s happening deep within our hearts?

So, here’s an extra-special idea for making this Mother's Day unique – just like your unparalleled Mom. Sure to make her loving heart flutter with joy, are Artisanal Gifts that are so representative of Mothers, as they are distinctive and have the unique imprint of special skills and creativity – an embodiment of what Mothers are all about! Handicraft or Artisanal gifts are also an epitome of charm and thoughtfulness – even more characteristics that resonate with who Mom is.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some great gift ideas from our Artisan Collection. Let your choice of gifts celebrate your mother on this special day, and accompany her for years to come – making her heart swell with pride, at your meticulous choice.

  1. Frames

Decorative Frames cheer up the walls. Since Mom consistently endeavours to make the home a cheerful happy place, gift her Frames that are beautifully hand crafted to create that unique look. Does Mom like the sturdiness of iron frames or the natural look of wood? Is her preference for depictions of nature, or for religious gods and symbols, or for national heroes, or national monuments? The Bombay Store has a vast bouquet of Frames to cater to every mom’s taste.

  1. Tableware

Tableware and Mothers are inseparable, as they just love to serve culinary delights, which is why our exquisite Artisanal Tableware will be a definite hit with Mom. We have a beautiful array of superbly crafted Tableware. There are colourful coasters, trays, napkin holders, table mats, trivets, cork openers, bottle openers, achar and chutney jars, and more – each one so unique and special, some hand painted, some printed with traditional Indian artwork, others with exquisite doodle art, still others with gorgeous blue pottery prints. Feast your eyes on our over 100 tableware items and keep clicking on the perfect ones, that you instantly know your mom would simply love.

  1. Artisanal Mugs

Your super-woman Mom definitely deserves the perfect relaxation, for all the multi-tasking she so amazingly manages day after day, 24x7, 365 days a year!

Perhaps your mom’s favourite relaxation is to put up her tired feet, and enjoy a cup of hot coffee, tea, or chocolate! Or maybe her morning coffee is what peps her up to superbly juggle the tasks ahead! Or maybe she just loves her coffee/tea time with her family and friends. If these describe your mom, then don’t miss gifting her the most gorgeous Artisanal Mugs. Our selection includes Coffee Mugs that come in a riot of attractive colours, with designs so varied as Ajrakh, Madhubani, Dwaar, Kalamkari, Sui Daaga, Doodle Mandala, Pattachitra Folktales, traditional art work, scenic painted coffee mugs, and the list goes on…

  1. Idols and Figurines

The Bombay Store also has plenty of perfect artisanal gifts for Mothers who find their peace in the spiritual realm. If your mother gets her herculean strength to conquer the day from her prayer time, she is sure to appreciate you gifting her, her favourite deity. You can choose from our range of idols of Ganesha, Krishna, Radha, Laxmi, Saraswati, Shiva, Ram, Hanuman, Buddha, and other god idols. There are also cute mini monks, miniature Temples etc. to choose from.

Perhaps your mom just loves dainty figurines and appreciates the exquisiteness of these artistic displays. For these moms too, there is a wide array of exquisite figurines to choose from. Click on this link for Idols and Figurines and choose from over 300 beautiful displays, or use our search/filter options to narrow down your selection and take home exactly what would delight Mom.

  1. Bags, Wallets, Wristlets

Is your mother the home’s Purchase Manager, or a jet-set office going Mom, or perhaps a regular on the social circuit, or maybe a mom who simply loves to match her bags with her attire? We have a superb range of Bags, Wallets, and Wristlets to suit every mom’s palate, purpose, and penchant. There are bags in Art Silk, Cotton, Cotton Canvas, and Leather… Sling Bags, Tote Bags, Laptop Bags, Lunch Bags, Wallets, Wristlets – all dressed up in graphic works with exotic prints and colours. What would you not give to see that ecstatic look on Mom’s face, as she beholds the most perfect bag, wallet, and wristlet that you gift her!

  1. Handcrafted Jewellery and Stoles/Wraps

For the ‘Matching Mom’, we also have beautiful Handcrafted Jewellery and Wraps in different colours. Choose Jewellery and Wraps to go with your gift of Bags, or those that will go with her favourite outfits; and take pride in your well-attired Mom as she carries herself with aplomb, proudly dressed in the well-chosen gifts of her beloved son or daughter. You can be sure that every piece of accessory that you gift Mom will hold its own special place in her heart, and have its own endearing story to tell. Her happy conversations will proudly exude your thoughtfulness and love.

  1. Diyas/Deepaks and Candles

For the guiding light of your life, and the light of your home, Diyas and Candles are yet another great idea. Slip in a pretty card explaining your choice of this gift, and see Mom’s face light up with a smile with a twinkle in her eyes. Mom will certainly treasure your appreciative words as much as your thoughtful gifts on Mother’s Day! She’ll be simply amazed by the intricate art work on the Deepak’s of various kinds, whether in Brass or Stonework.

 If your mom loves the aroma of Decorative Scented Candles, Flower Pressed Candles, or even the purity of White Unscented Candles in T-lite Holders, check out our Artisanal Candles and T-lite Holders. Take home these gifts that can add an aura of relaxation, when Mom just wants to sit back and unwind after a busy day.

Select your Mother’s Day gift well, wrap it with lots of love, and personalize it by expressing how much your mom means to you, and how dearly you appreciate all that she tirelessly does, for you and your family. A Mother’s job is a thankless one, so do set aside time on this her special day, to thank her with your personalized choice of gifts that she is sure to appreciate, and add the warmth of your hug and smile as you present it to her… Don’t miss that priceless expression on her radiant countenance, as she opens your gift on Mother’s Day, realizing the depth of thought, that has gone into your unique, exquisite, functional Artisanal Gifts.

Let this Mother’s Day be a start of consistent appreciation of your superhuman Mom, who is in reality deeply human, and needs your warmth and love…  And yes, gifting need not be reserved exclusively for special days, but surprise her off and on with thoughtful gifts from our Handcrafted Artisanal range, that she is sure to appreciate.

Visit our website www.thebombaystore.com, and see the wide array of spectacular handcrafted items. Explore your own gifting ideas for someone so precious as MOM!

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