Where Swadeshi Lives On...

In the dawn of India's awakening, where Swadeshi's call resonated like a freedom song, The Bombay Store opened its doors. The Bombay Store wasn't just a shop; it was a stage overflowing with tales of artisan mastery.

Founded by luminaries like Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Sir Jamsetji Tata, the first outlet wasn't just a store; it was a manifesto for celebrating India's spirit through self-reliance. The first store at Sir PM Road hosted our former Honorable Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, echoing the resonance of Swadeshi.

Swadeshi wasn't just buying local; it was building self-sufficiency, skills, and pride. The Bombay Store became the platform for Swadeshi – from Jaipur’s Blue Pottery, Kutch’s Ajrakh art; or Andhra’s Kalamkari; Agra's marble to Kashmir's Pashminas, inspirations from traditional Indian embroideries, or items in brass and metal high on vintage charm, it was a tapestry woven with India's spirit.

For 118 years since, it has represented the ethos of Swadeshi – products handcrafted by real artisans from the villages of India, using local material, perpetuating traditional crafts passed down centuries – and selling these products at affordable prices.

Through decades, Swadeshi transformed. It transcended, becoming a philosophy, a way of life. Today, "Make in India" echoes, but The Bombay Store's legacy burns bright. It's not just a label, it's a belief that says India's true progress lies in celebrating its own.

Join us and experience the Original Swadeshi. Discover the power of self-reliance, the beauty of handcrafted excellence, the pride of celebrating our heritage. Let's write the next chapter of India's story, woven with originality, self-belief, and Swadeshi.

Because before "Make in India," there was The Bombay Store. And there was Swadeshi.