Serving up with Style: Essential Table Accessories for Your Dining Setup

Serving up with Style: Essential Table Accessories for Your Dining Setup

Serving up with Style: Essential Table Accessories for Your Dining Setup

Our dining tables have seen us enjoy some of the most delectable culinary delights, even as we spend cherished moments with family and friends. However, its purpose goes far beyond the obvious. Time and again our dining tables have showcased our fascinating gourmet presentations, that are as much a feast to our eyes, as they are to our stomachs! Going beyond the realms of food, our dining tables are also silent witnesses to our many conversations – some happy and joyful, some tinged with a bit of sadness, some celebratory, some serious, and still others where life-changing decisions are taken.

The role of your dining table goes still further, as it can make a style statement in its own right. Dressing up your table is an art in itself, and while your crockery and cutlery are good impression makers, there are even more ingenious ways to enhance your dining table décor. So, let’s embark on a journey to accessorize your dining table, turning it into the perfect setting for your carefully prepared gourmet delights, and adding the right ambience to enhance the culinary quotient of your celebrations.

This blog reveals the secret of turning innocuous tableware into Cinderellas! Any guesses on what our fairy wand is going to touch and transform?
Well, here they are:
Napkin Holders / Tissue Box Holders
Table Coasters and Trivets

Yes, you read it right! These little items that sit quietly on our dining tables can add life and colour, gently adding to the ambience, as your revel in good company during cozy meal times, and even at fun-filled party times. If your preference is for theme-based décor, you can spruce up your dining table, by selecting the style from our collections that you find most endearing. For those for whom variety is the spice of life, you can mix and match from our collections. If you like to match your décor with your mood, you may like to pick up multiple collections! We have something for every taste. To whet your décor appetite, here’s a list of our dining décor collections:

King’s Procession Collection

If you love the glorious old days of royalty and pomp, our King’s Procession collection will royally satisfy you. Get your set of beautifully depicted King’s Procession Napkin Holders, Tissue Box Holders, Trays, Coasters, and Trivets… and if you want to take the theme further, we also have Pen Stands, Coffee Mugs, Cushion Covers, Laptop Bags, and Sling Bags – all of which take us back in time, displaying the king sitting on his royal elephant, surrounded by his horsemen and stately courtiers – each detail so dexterously done. Our King’s Procession collection is perfect for your glorious celebrations, when you feel like the ruler of all you survey!

Ajrakh Collection

If you have a penchant for symmetry and order, our Ajrakh collection is sure to impress you. Order online and proudly decorate your table with Ajrakh Printed Coasters, Tissue Box Holders, Serving Trays, Breakfast Trays, and Coffee Mugs. While you are at it, you can also check out our Ajrakh Cushion Covers, Bags, Wallets, and Umbrellas. The orderliness and sequential succession of Ajrakh printed table accessories, are the perfect mood matchers for celebrating your well-ordered successes and achievements.

Elephant Fabrication Collection

For animal lovers, we have our Elephant Fabrication collection – colourful depictions of elephants on Coasters, Trays, Coffee Mugs, and even charming Elephant Fabric Wall Hangings – to match your dining room walls with your dining table décor! For nature lovers who like to bring nature indoors, your heart will be delighted with our Elephant Fabrication collection, which will decorate your dining accessories with adorable little elephants – perfect for a relaxing dining time with family and friends.

Signature Colours Collection

If Signature Colour/s that harmonize well with your very own personalized palette is what delights you, our Signature Colours Collection will add a rainbow to your dining table décor. Whether it is Signature Yellow, Orange or Green, or even a combination of them, you’ll find your heart’s delight. Let our Signature Napkin Holders, Trays, Coasters, Trivets, Coffee Mugs, and Shot Glasses, add colour and spice up your dining table. Pick the colour that perfectly peps up your mood!

Doodle Mandala Collection

If you like the liberating free-flowing geometric art form of Doodle Mandala, you’ll find the perfect match for your dining table décor in our Doodle Mandala Collection of Napkin Holders, Trivets, Coasters, Trays, and Pen Stands… and for extra effect you can also match them up with Doodle Mandala Coffee Mugs and Shot Glasses – bringing a riot of colours and designs to your dining table… And if your appetite for Doodle Mandala is even larger, then perhaps you’d like to pick up Doodle Mandala Bags, Wallets, and Umbrellas too!

Sui Dhaaga Collection

Our Sui Dhaaga collection can be a hot favourite for those who just love a splash of colours, and a variety of designs. As the name suggests, this beautiful collection that is reminiscent of expertly designed applique work, gives your dining table a fun filled ambience. Our collection includes Napkin Holders, Trays, Coasters, Trivets, Coffee Mugs, and Pen Stands, dressed up in prints of charming squares of different sizes and designs – in a rainbow of colours. The seamstress in you may even want to pack in a Sui Dhaaga Wristlet, Back Pack Bag, Tote Bag, Sling Bag, and Cushion Covers – to extend the horizons of your colourful and free-spirited collection.

Dwaar Collection

If you are enthusiastic about new ventures and fresh starts, or just love the vast potential that doors represent, our Dwaar collection - a beautiful collage of distinctive doors in a hue of colours, is sure to click with you. Accessorize your dining table with our Dwaar collection of Coasters, Trivets, Trays, Tissue Box Holders, and Coffee Mugs… and if your table doubles up as your office space, you’d definitely like to add Dwaar Pen Stands and Pen Trays. To remind you of your good prospects, you can also gift yourself or your guest a Dwaar Leather Case with Diary. We also have Dwaar Wallets, Sling Bags, Lunch Bags, and Cushion Covers – to remind you of the immensity of your possibilities.

So, make your dining table a style statement as you proudly serve your family and friends. Choose from our enchanting collections and see your Napkin Holders/Tissue Box Holders, Coasters, Trivets, and Trays, aesthetically transformed by the magic wand of artisans whose varied skills are on full display on our website. Make your meal time visually appealing with our decorative table accessories, and serve up with style.

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