Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Creating Lasting Memories

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Creating Lasting Memories

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Creating Lasting Memories

The wedding season rings in a joyous note, as exuberant young brides and grooms brim with confidence, eagerly awaiting their new journey together. While we enjoy celebrating this special day with them, there’s also the gnawing question mark of what to gift them. The more weddings we are invited to in a season, the bigger and bolder the question marks get! After all, wedding gifts are meant to be personalised and unique. Zeroing in on the perfect gift that brings a “WOW” – can be quite a challenge.

Allow us to help you enjoy wedding gift shopping, so that you can make the most of the season. Let’s begin with some valuable tips that will facilitate the right choices and make your heart swell with pride, as you present your gift to the bridal couple.

The short checklist that follows, will set the tone for the perfect wedding gift shopping.

Define Your Budget

You definitely need to cap your wedding gift/s budget, more so if there are many weddings you are invited to. After all, you don’t want to be left cutting corners before the month ends. How much you spend on each wedding gift will be defined by how close you are to the couple. A close friend or family member’s wedding gift will definitely have a much bigger share in the pie, than a rather distant associate’s gift. It's important to keep in mind though, that everything is not about how much you spend, but on how well your gift matches up with the couple’s tastes and needs… Which leads us to the next important checklist point.

Understand the Couple’s Persona

Knowing the couple’s persona – tastes, style, likes, and dislikes, makes it easier to figure out what will truly delight them. If the bride or groom is well known to you, this will be child’s play. If not, the person who invited you can definitely throw light. A gift that is bought exclusively with the couple or the bride or the groom in mind – will be remembered well into their wedded life.

Knowing the Couple’s Future Plans

If the couple is slated to settle abroad or away from the wedding city after marriage, they would probably have to leave behind bulky gifts, however useful or expensive they may be. Hence choose your gift judiciously. If the couple is having a destination wedding, appropriate large sized gifts are fine, but should ideally be delivered directly to their residence.

With the ground well-laid, your mind and heart will be in a much better position to filter out what’s right and what’s not, as you set to shop. You’ll be able to narrow down the options and save valuable time – more confident with your final choices.

Let’s make the process easier for you. Presenting some great wedding gift ideas that are endearing as well as enduring, elegant as well as exceptional, fascinating as well as functional… and definitely value for money. The icing on the cake is that you can sit in the comfortable confines of your home, at the hour that best suits you, and shop from our online portal, to circumvent the unpalatable weather, and truly enjoy your wedding gift shopping. What’s more is that we can even deliver the gift to the destination of your choice in India!

Alluring Wedding Gift Options from the Online Bombay Store

1. Wall Clocks – Vintage/Wooden/Brass/Hand-painted

Wall Clocks are a timeless wedding gift, that will accompany the couple well into their married life – an ongoing joyful memento of their cherished wedding day, and a reminder of the countless happy moments they spend in each other’s company. We have an amazing collection to choose from – each clock more impressive than the other. Whether the couple loves Vintage styles or Hand-painted Clocks, Brass or Wooden Clocks – the choices are plenty and exquisite.

2. Wood Art Frames

For couples who appreciate the perennial aesthetics of wood, Wood Art Frames are a good wedding gift option. These stately gifts will adorn the walls of the couple’s home for many years to come. The Bombay Store offers Wood Art Frames in different sizes and themes . For Indian music lovers, our Indian Musical Instruments Wood Art Frame will strike the right chord; for nature lovers, the Peacock Frame will be a prized display; artistic couples will definitely appreciate our Decorative Art Frame; and for the religiously inclined, there are a variety of auspicious frames.

3. Marble Inlay Gift Boxes

Wooden Gift Boxes with elegant Marble Inlay work – is a unique wedding gift idea. This functional and exquisite wedding gift will steal the bride’s heart, with the rich and beautiful marble inlay depicting necklace or Maangtika designs. If you want to delight the bride and groom together, your can pick the Gift Box with Marble Inlay Raja Rani Design. This exquisite gift will pack in and preserve the couples prized wedding jewellery, and be a happy reminder of that great day when they began their journey together. You too will be fondly remembered for your thoughtful gift.

4. Brass Dining Serve-ware

The richness and royalty of Brass Dining Serve-ware is yet another practical and simultaneously impressive wedding gift. Our attractive collection includes Brass Bowls with beautiful Meenakari work, and even exotic hand-painted Meenakari art. The Brass Peacock Platter with Hand-painted Meenakari – is a show-stopper! You can also add the endearing Meenakari work Tea Coasters for extra effect. The classic opulent Brass Bowl-Tray-Spoon Set in Gold and Silver Plating is a definite impression maker, with its richness and exquisite handcrafted skill on display.

5. Lamps and T-lite Holders

With the wedding season, love is in the air, and Lamps and T-lite Holders will ring in a romantic feel – something the newly wedded couple will greatly appreciate, as they bask in each other’s company. Your thoughtful gift will play cupid, adding that special dreamy ambience to keep the flame of love alive for years to come. Select from our exquisite collection of Lamps in Mosaic, Brass, Wire, Iron with Floral Cutwork, Parrot Oil Lamps, etc… And for those special candle light dinners, there are the most exquisite T-lite Holders in different shapes, sizes and designs.

6. Marble Vases

If the couple loves the exotic display quotient that marble brings in its wake, you can gift them a striking Marble Vase. Besides being great display pieces, they double up as the holder of beautiful flowers and foliage – to help the couple brighten up their home with nature too. If you are looking for something exclusive and premium, our Bone Flower Vase in Assorted Colours is the perfect choice.

7. Masterpieces

If the bride or groom or perhaps both of them are part of your innermost circle of family or friends, you may want to gift them something extremely valuable and out of this world. The perfect choice awaits you at our Masterpiece section. An array of premium wedding gifts in Brass, Wood, Marble, or Stone. Take your pick and present this extra special couple with the most unforgettable gift – as exclusive as their unforgettable wedding day!

Visit our website, and see the wide array of spectacular handcrafted wedding gift items. You are sure to be enamoured by the exceptional skill of our Indian craftsman who create such beautiful handicrafts, perpetuating skills that have been passed on down the centuries. Explore your own gifting ideas for every occasion.

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