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Stay Ahead of the Curve: 7 Fun Home Decor Finds to Elevate Your Space in 2024

Stay Ahead of the Curve: 7 Fun Home Decor Finds to Elevate Your Space in 2024

Stay Ahead of the Curve: 7 Fun Home Decor Finds to Elevate Your Space in 2024

Your home décor should celebrate the person you are, and must therefore be an expression of your creative skills. The décor you select, must make your heart swell with pride, as it distinctively transforms cold blank walls, into elegantly curated living spaces, that truly come alive! This is your personal space, where you can sit back with deep satisfaction, savouring the results of your ingenious skills, that deck your home in a way that celebrates you.

So, while you delve into our vibrant collection of home décor items, let's make it an exciting experience by presenting you with seven carefully chosen home décor ideas. Have fun as you virtually sift through our exhilarating collection, using the convenience of technology, to filter out and zero in, on what fulfils your wish list.

Seven Fun Finds to Elevate your Space in 2024:

Let 2024 be the year that elevates your Home Décor, and keeps you ahead of the curve. Allow us to make this online adventure exciting, with seven fun finds.

  1. Wall Accents

Your walls are a great way to give expression to your creativity and style. Enhance the beauty of your home with Wall Accents that complement your room décor, and make your walls come alive, to add a chic look to your home. Enjoy the process as you review our wide range of Wall Accents – Lacquered Wall Hangings, colourful Fabric Wall Hangings, Beaded Wall Displays, Vintage Wall Clocks, Classic Wooden Hand-painted Peacock Wall Clocks, Wood Art Frames, magnificent Metal Wall Art, a variety of Brass Wall Accents, appealing Iron Wall Frames, unique Wall Hangings with Mirror and Kantha Work, Religious Wall Accents of Ganesha, and endearingly displayed auspicious words, attractive canvases that celebrate Indian art and culture, and plenty more.

  1. Home Accents

Complement your Wall Accents, with Home Accents that add that extra touch of beauty and elegance, whether centrally displayed, or added to a quiet corner to enhance its appeal. We have plenty of fun finds in Home Accents. Add that touch of traditional elegance with display pieces in brass or copper, combined with stonework and cutwork for that extra level of beauty. Delicately light up your room with strategically placed Oil Lamps and T-lite Holders, that bring serenity with their subdued lighting. View our stunning Table Lamps in Mosaic, or yet others with intricate cutwork, that lets light delicately radiate and fill your space with endearing designs. Choose also from our Home Accents in Glass. For those who value the natural, there are gorgeous and chic display articles in Marble, Stone, Cotton, Lac, and Wood. Our Home Accents of meticulously carved birds and animals, are a delight for nature lovers – even more so when they double up as well-styled lamps. If you have a penchant for bells, there’s plenty that will hold your interest. Also check our designer Wooden Chowkis with Brass Floral Engravings, Meenakari Work, or decorated with colourful tiles.

  1. Artefacts

Artefacts are great to add an elegant aura to your home with a combination of divine and secular Idols and Figurines. We have plenty for every taste: Brass Displays, Exotic Engraved Displays, Handcrafted Wooden Carvings, meticulously Hand-painted Animals and Birds, Trees, Vases, Decorative Bowls, Ashtrays, Vintage Vehicles, and the list goes on… For the spiritually inclined, there are idols of Ganesha, Ram, Hanuman, Durga, Shiva, Buddha, Cute Mini Monks, and more. Add unique Artefacts Décor to your collection with our Brass Singing Bowls, Engraved Brass Antique Finish Urlis, and Handcrafted Ashoka Pillars to give your home a patriotic feel. Delight your heart as you review the works of our talented Indian artisans and craftsmen, whose traditional skills create beautiful displays, that are sure to add elegance and sophistication to your home.

  1. Exotic Dining and Tableware

Here’s a fun way to liven up your parties – Exotic Tableware that become conversation starters, setting your parties off to a rocking start! Let your Dining and Drinkware burst forth with vibrant colours to  become the centre of attraction at your lunch and dinner dates, and your high teas too. Hearts will joyfully flutter at the exquisite graphic work on your Kullad Sets, Coffee Mugs, High Tea Mugs, Shot Glasses, Trays, Coasters, Napkin/Tissue Holders, Shot Glass Trolleys, Wine Glasses with Indian Monuments in Silver Finish, Classic Chutney and Achar Jars, Bottle Openers and more… Make your space a mini museum of rich Indian heritage, with Tableware displaying paintings of famed Indian monuments, or the King’s Procession, or Elephants in Procession, or Royal Horses and Camels, and even Pattachitra Folktales. There are also Brass Peacock Platters, Brass Bowls with Hand-painted Meenakari Work, Tableware in Ajrakh prints – just to name a few.

  1. Furniture

Furniture is another fun way to elevate your space with antique vintage value. Make a fashion statement with uniquely crafted furniture that gives a distinctive look. For 2024, give your home a personalised look with Rare Bespoke Furniture, as exotic as Iron Stools in Floral Cutwork with Antique Finish, and Wooden Hand-painted Elephant Tables. Take home from our Home Accents section, beautiful and useful Small Organizers  like Wooden Chests in Assorted Colours, Wooden Tables with Colourful Tiles, Marble Display Necklace Boxes etc. There are also Chowkis and Chopras: Intricate Marble Hand-painted Chopras, Chowkis of Wood and Brass in Delicate Meenakari Work, Wooden Chowkis with Brass Floral Engravings, and more.

  1. Maximalist Textiles

2024 is seeing Textiles getting maximalist. Enhance the décor of your home with bold prints, mirror work, and distinctive Indian designs. Let vibrant colours, and luxurious textures enhance the chic aura of your home. Mix and match to your heart’s content, and give full freedom to the designer in you. Check out our inviting Floor Cushions with assorted colours and designs, and Round Cushions with beautiful Mirror Work. Add life with a riot of colourful Cushion Covers that add colour, beauty, and style to your living spaces. Take your pick from Cotton Canvas or Splendid Satin. Have fun choosing from our distinctive styles: Sui Dhagaa, Ajrakh Patch Work, Cushion Covers with Pattachitra Folktales, or King’s Procession, Royal Tusker Satin Covers, Covers with Classical Dancers. Cover your cushions in a fun way from our vast array!

  1. Masterpieces Statement Art Displays

For those who love all that’s bold and beautiful, magnificent Masterpieces are the way to go. These are marvels that are sure to elevate your space with a touch of elegant sophistication. Our Masterpieces in Marble, Brass, Bronze, and Sandstone, are statement art displays to die for. Here’s a sampling of what you can expect: Intricate Brass Radha with Double Mala Stone, Marble Dust Krishna with Embossed Wooden Base, Embossed Camel Bone Pitara, Bone Flower Vase, Brass Planters, Brass Wall Hangings with Mandala Design in Wooden Frame, Brass Natraj with 3 Tone Finish, Statement Art Idols in Marble, Marble with Silver Plating, Brass, and many other distinctive masterpieces, that will win total admiration.

There you have it – Seven fun ways in which to transform your home in 2024. You don’t have to go far, to stay ahead of the curve. The Online Bombay Store has it all.

There’s still more that awaits you… Visit our website, and decorate your home in your own unique elegant style.

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