Home Decor Shopping Simplified: The Bombay Store's Online Buying Guide
Home Decor Shopping Simplified: The Bombay Store's Online Buying Guide

Home Decor Shopping Simplified: The Bombay Store's Online Buying Guide

Home Decor Shopping Simplified: The Bombay Store's Online Buying Guide

Your home is your sacred personal space, and must reflect who you are. This is the one place where you and your family are on a joint venture, to make it a beautiful, comfortable place where many happy memories are woven together, and endearingly recalled for posterity. Every piece of Home Décor has a story to tell, that is unique to your family’s life experiences and tastes.


At The Bombay Store, we believe that shopping for Home Décor should be an exciting and joyful experience, where you get exactly what you are looking for, without getting anxious about the clock ticking away. We understand that you have a host of ideas swimming through your mind and are simultaneously hard pressed for time. This is why we have digitally geared our website, to make your shopping experience quick, smart, enjoyable, and highly satisfying. Here is a list of how you can make your online shopping at The Bombay Store a totally fulfilling one.


The Bombay Store's Home Décor Online Buying Guide

  1. Define Your Style

Determining your style will streamline your browsing experience and channelize your search in the right direction. Styles could be of various kind – traditional, rustic, minimalist, bold, elegant, blended etc. A clear understanding of your style, will help you quickly identify the right choices, and zero in on the products that best match your style and personality.


  1. Know Your Occasion and Your Giftee

If you are shopping for a specific occasion or person, it helps to put on the mind of the recipient, and let that person or occasion guide your browsing experience. We have therefore added a section called ‘Shop by Occasion’ on our Home Page, which has sub-sections like ‘For Him’, ‘For Her’, ‘House Warming’, and ‘Wedding’. We also have a facility to shop for premium products, in our ‘Featured Categories’ section, which takes you to exclusive masterpieces, that are guaranteed to make owners’ hearts swell with pride. Our Home Page additionally has sections for ‘Collections’, ‘Trending Products’, ‘Best Sellers’, and more. All this is sure to simplify your search and display items that are most suitable for the occasion/person.

  1. Make a List

Systematically listing out the items that you need room-wise, is a great way to ensure you don’t over-by or under-buy. This is an important step for all, but more so for impulse buyers. We have a wide variety of Home Décor items, hence to make your search more convenient, these have been categorized as Wall Accents, Home Accents, Dining, Cushion Covers, Furniture; and each of these is further sub-divided to help you filter out what’s not relevant to your immediate need. To save your time, relevant categorization is presented for all our other sections too.


  1. Decide Your Budget

In any shopping experience, knowing your budget is very important for disciplined buying. After all, everyone wants to make their money go a long way in the right direction, and not end up spending on what’s not needed, while falling short on what’s essential. Determining how much you're willing to spend will help prioritize purchases and avoid overspending; hence we have a section to ‘Shop by Price’. Furthermore, we have on the left of the screen, the price button that you can manoeuvre, to display items that fit into your price range. Let our digital aids, give you the full satisfaction of staying within your budget and yet getting all you want!


  1. Measure Your Home Spaces

Being clear on the measurements of your room, furniture etc., will make your online shopping experience a fruitful one, and avoid frustrations, compromises, or the need for adjustments later on. It will also help your new items blend in with the existing decor. To facilitate this mathematical aspect, we have on the left of the screen, various sizes that you can choose from, to digitally bring up a display of articles that actually meet your space measurements. To make your search even more precise, the product names also mention the most important size aspects upfront. Furthermore, the ‘Key Feature’ section of the selected product will give you even more detailed information, to choose with bullseye precision.


  1. Environmental and Quality Considerations

Ensure that the articles that you buy, suit your environmental conditions. e.g. If you live near the sea, opt for items that have resistance to corrosion and UV light; and can withstand high humidity levels. We have something to help you in this area too! On the left of your screen is the ‘Product Type’ Filter, which gives you various choices: Brass, Iron, Copper, Wood, Marble, Ceramic, Glass, Lac, MDF, Leather, Cotton, etc. Apply the relevant filter or even multiple filters of your choice, and let our search engines present what you need, in seconds!


  1. Be Open to Alternatives

In the unlikely event of the specific item of your choice being unavailable, or beyond your budget; be open to exploring our range of alternatives that meet your criteria. We have plenty of choices to suit varying tastes and purses. We understand the irritation that arises on some websites, that take you through the whole purchase process only to be told the product is not available; or still worse, let you know this after payment is made! Hence on the left of the screen, we have an ‘Availability’ filter, to help display only items that are currently available.


  1. Take Your Time

The advantage of The Bombay Store’s online shopping, is that you have thousands of products to choose from, just sitting at home… or even when you are on the move! Physical stores come with time and space constraints – you have to walk to various departments, or perhaps go to various stores to get all that you want; be concerned about the shopper’s rush that you want to avoid; watch the clock as you don't want to encounter the rush hour traffic on your way home, etc. The Online Bombay Store eliminates all this, to help you comfortably shop at your time and convenience. You have the luxury of taking the time to envision how each piece will fit into your home, before finalizing your shopping cart.


  1. Enjoy the Process

At The Bombay Store, we strongly believe that decorating your home should be an enjoyable experience for you and your family. Hence the shopping experience we offer, consciously focusses on helping you embrace the journey, and find Home Décor articles that reflect your personality, and enhance your living spaces.


Use the power of our filters and search options and voila... the products that best suit your style are displayed in a jiffy, as you sit in the comfort of your home! We’ll bring you a delightfully fulfilling online shopping experience, at your place and time!


If you are Indian at heart, our website www.thebombaystore.com, is sure to delight you. We invite you to a great Swadeshi shopping experience!  Our products are equally appreciated in India and overseas; by Indians as well as those of other nationalities. While our Home Décor section is vast, there’s even more to delight you. Check out our Sculpted Idols like Ganesha, Graphic Works, Artefacts, Accessories, Souvenirs, Wellness Products, Toys, Games, and much more.


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