Do your walls exude style and zest; or are they lacklustre backdrops?

Do your walls exude style and zest; or are they lacklustre backdrops?

Do your walls exude style and zest; or are they lacklustre backdrops?

Walls, figuratively speaking, imply barriers which are a negative connotation. There’s also the expression: ‘Staring at a blank wall’ which indicates a lack of options, or perhaps boredom. That’s certainly not the kind of energy you want in your home! While our homes cannot do without walls, they definitely don’t need to be drab boring barriers. On the contrary, your walls can be the proud canvases that artistically display your creativity, style and personality.

So, let’s reveal how your walls can evolve; and breathe life, zest, style, and colour into your living spaces. Your choice of Wall Accents is important, as it must gel well with your furniture and other home décor, to enhance the overall elegant ambience of your home. It’s important not to go on an overdrive, as walls that are too crowded with décor, will give a restricted feeling. The trick is to strike the right balance, displaying wall accents that give a feeling of beauty, expanse, freedom, and tranquillity.

Inspiring Wall Décor Ideas to Pep up your Home

Let’s straightaway dive into some simple to implement Wall Accent ideas, that are winners when it comes to infusing life into indoor walls:

1. Elegant Wall Accent Frames in Wood, Brass or Iron with beautiful art work of various genres.

2. Attractive Wall Clocks in amazing styles and functionally great too.

3. Eye-catching Wall Hangings in a variety of hues, colours, and designs.

4. Artefacts and Figurines displayed on dainty floating wall shelves.

Simple as they seem, each of these ideas can deck up your blank walls and take the ambience of your rooms several notches higher! Here’s how…

1. Elegant Wall Accent Frames

Wall Frames in Wood, Brass, or Iron are a great way to make your walls come alive. Their magnificent depictions cover a variety of themes and genres. Nature lovers will find their peace in art work that captures the beauty of birds, animals, flowers, and trees. For those who admire the great men who made Indian history, there are images of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar, Vallabhbhai Patel, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, etc. along-with the pearls of wisdoms they imparted. There are also artistic frames that display famed monuments. If you have a leaning towards spirituality, you can sanctify your walls with the plentiful choices of frames capturing religious figures, mantras, and symbols. Those who love music and dance can make their walls come alive with frames of dancers, or musical instruments. If you value the traditional, there are beautiful Traditional Art Canvases too.

So, go ahead and click to take your pick, and remember to choose wall frames that gel well with your furniture and other home décor. As you transform your walls into endearing canvases, make sure they strike a chord with your heart too!

2. Attractive Wall Clocks

The time-bound world that we live in, requires us to check out the time ever so often. So why not liven up this simple frequent activity with an attractive wall clock in every room, that will also enhance the beauty of your walls? Here too, you can choose the style that you love – vintage, minimalist, hand-painted, bejewelled, etc. If wood is your ‘go to’ home décor material, choose from our array of Wooden Clocks which come in a variety of elegant designs. Or, you can brighten your walls with a splash of colour with Hand-painted Wall Clocks that beautifully combine a rainbow of colours. For those who appreciate the sturdiness of Metal Clocks adorned in exquisite embossed designs, there’s a good display of Brass Clocks too.

Ensure your wall clock design is in sync with your wall and home décor. Also remember that your clock has functional value, and hence place it on a wall which is fairly well lit with natural light, where the time can be easily read. Make your time checking moments heart-warming ones, each time you glance at your striking Wall Clocks.

3. Eye-catching Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings are another unique way to make your walls come alive. For those with a penchant for the dainty and delicate, the Fabric Wall Hangings - exquisite strings of cute little coloured elephants and birds, will steal your heart. For those with an eye for the bold and beautiful, you’ll find your pick in the Wooden and Brass Wall Hangings depicting beautiful displays of animals, birds, delicately carved trees, musicians, bells, exquisitely carved idols and more. Wall Hangings with Bead Work, Mirror Work, and Kantha Work, are other attractive ways to add life and colour to your walls and brighten up your living spaces.

Display your wall hangings appropriately. A Namaste or Welcome Wall Hanging must hang where your guests can have an unmissable view. Coloured wall hangings can be hung around a cozy corner to brighten it up. Brass or Wood Wall Hangings can be paired up or placed on the wall across your Brass or Wood Wall Clocks and Frames. Whether your affinity is for Wall Hangings of Fabric, Brass, Wood, or Beads, ensure it complements your general room and wall décor… and clicks with your heart too!

4. Artefacts and Figurines on dainty floating wall shelves

If you have a large expanse of blank walls, you may even like to affix dainty floating shelves on your walls, for displaying elegant Artefacts and endearing Figurines. You can vary the height of these shelves for better display effect. At The Bombay Store the choices are plenty – alluring Figurines of people, animals, birds, trees and other objects in Brass, other Metals and Wood. Stunning Artefacts of exquisitely carved idols, and nature representations. Let your walls speak through these captivating Artefacts and Figurines, daintily sitting on elegant floating shelves.

Your choice of single or multiple floating shelves will depend on the size of your walls. Multiple floating shelves at different heights will create an attractive display for large walls. For smaller walls just a shelf or two is preferable. Floating shelves should be in a place that is not too accessible, to avoid accidents, and to ensure unhindered movement. Ensure the shelves are small and dainty, yet strong enough to hold the weight of your Artefacts and Figurines… And choose Artefacts and Figurines that are apt in size and light in weight for the floating wall shelves.

For added effect, you can strategically place a large decorative mirror on a wall that will reflect the open room, and your exquisite wall displays – to give a feeling of expanse.

It’s curtains down on this blog, and hopefully a goodbye to your blank boring walls. Go right on ahead and have a gala time, transforming your walls and making them interesting canvases of your creative skills, to infuse life into your living spaces.

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