The Bombay Store Gajalaxmi Wood Art Frame 12 in x 15 in

Gajalaxmi Wood Art Frame 12 in x 15 in

₹ 4,000
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Key Features

  • Size : 38.5 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm
  • Weight : 1052 grams
  • Material : Wood
  • Special Details : These Frames are made from Natural Color wood. Textured with laser beam and than engraved to give rich look.
  • Care Instruction : Wipe it clean with soft & dry cloth.
  • Handcrafted and Made in India

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Gajalaxmi Wood Art Frame 12 in x 15 in

Gajalaxmi: Gaja means Elephant and Laxmi is representative of prosperity, good luck, and abundance; and the GajaLaxmi motif is very common in Indian iconography. Here Laxmi is represented symbolically by Lotus. Elephants are considered as the epitome of Wealth, Wisdom and Strength. They are famed for their high intelligence and exceptional memory.

Poetry amongst the woods! Exotic, handpicked and seasoned woods, with their natural, awesome hues, grains and colours. Wood Craft is an ingenious art form which combines the intricacy of wood carving with the delightful creative strains of a work of art. This involves using wood pieces in their natural colours and textures, delicately cutting and creating the best composition and presenting it in the required theme. The result is a masterpiece that is interesting too, owing to its '3D within 2D' illusory effect.

The Bombay Store brings to you authentic handicraft products from all across India.
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