Step Back in Time with Our Vintage-inspired Umbrellas: Your Search Ends Here

Step Back in Time with Our Vintage-inspired Umbrellas: Your Search Ends Here

Step Back in Time with Our Vintage-inspired Umbrellas: Your Search Ends Here

The refreshing monsoons are here and it’s time to get rain-ready. A peek into rainwear tells us, that umbrellas are no longer just about protection form rain or sun... They are fashion statements in their own right – so many styles, colours, prints, designs, shapes – that we are truly spoilt for choices!

What’s Trending on the Umbrella Fashion Charts?

Let’s get up to speed on what’s trending in the Umbrella realm. While functionality is the numero uno priority, aesthetics is where the deciding factor lies.

Presenting the 2024 Umbrella Fashion Trends for all the fashionistas out there.

Vibrancy Via Colours and Patterns

The umbrella fashion gurus have got this spot on – the need for adding a splash of colour to brighten up the deary skies. What’s trending is: striking bold colours in a variety of prints – vintage inspirations, florals, polka dots, geometric patterns, traditional artwork, etc. – It’s all about adding vibrancy any which way!

Compact and Lightweight Structures

Compact, foldable, lightweight umbrellas that snugly fit into handbags, is another trend, thanks to the convenience they provide. With these, you don’t have to worry about leaving your umbrella behind, where ever you may go!

Functional Designs

Stylish inverted umbrellas enjoy the functional convenience of folding inside out, preventing wet patches. Double canopy umbrellas too are functionally trending, with the enhanced protection and stability they provide, along-with a chic look. Palms-free handle design is another trend that’s growing in popularity with Millennials and GenZs, who need their phones constantly in their palms!

Transparent Umbrellas

For team minimalist – transparent umbrellas (coloured ones too), are finding appeal, with their dome shape and patterned trims, making a style statement.

Eco-friendly Material

The growing eco-consciousness has influenced the umbrella market too, with the trend starting to move towards making umbrellas from biodegradable/recycled material, bamboo handles, and recycled PET bottles for canopies.

The trends reflect a growing tendency towards making umbrellas fashion accessories. Yes, there is a focus on better weather protection; but functionality, convenience, beauty, design, and style, are also influencers in the 2024 Umbrella Fashion Trends.

If you are looking for umbrellas that give you good protection and also cheer up a rainy day, let’s take you on a virtual tour of our endearing vintage-inspired umbrellas.

Choose from our Umbrellas, dressed in beautiful colours and unique prints.

Our styles include:

  • Straight Handle Umbrellas
  • 3- Fold Umbrellas

Vibrant Vintage-inspired Umbrella Collection

1. King’s Procession Umbrellas

Our King’s Procession Umbrellas (in Straight and 3-Fold designs), take you back in time to the glorious vintage days of royalty and pomp. It’s a great way to add colour and charm to a dreary day. Whether it drizzles or pours, your umbrella will cheer you up with its vibrant colours and imperial print of a king sitting on his royal elephant, accompanied by his regal horsemen and courtiers.

2. Blue Pottery Digital Printed Umbrellas

Drive away the blues, with the vibrancy of an umbrella sporting the endearing Blue Pottery print that never loses its allure! Rich cobalt blue floral motifs, attractively contrasted with the purity of white, can definitely cheer up the grey skies. As you shield yourself from the rain, proudly display this centuries-old art that has been digitally captured, merging a vintage art form with modern digital technology.

3. Ajrakh Printed Umbrellas

Does an unpredictable rainy day upset your schedule and trouble your mind? Here’s something to help: Our Ajrakh Digitally Printed Umbrellas beautifully display well-ordered symmetrical designs, that exude a feeling of serenity, and calms the senses. You have a choice of Ajrakh Digitally Printed Umbrellas in Blue or Brown; with either Straight or 3-Fold designs.

4. Elephant Procession Umbrellas

If you love animals, we have something special for you – The Elephant Procession Umbrella with digital prints of royal Elephants in procession with Camels, and Horses too – taking you back to the vintage days when royalty blended well with nature. Our Straight as well as 3-Fold Elephant Procession Umbrellas await you on our website.

5. Madhubani Art Umbrellas

Madhubani Art Umbrellas sure qualify as vibrant vintage umbrellas, with their colourful depictions. Celebrate the ancient women of centuries past, with your very own Madhubani Digitally Printed Umbrellas. Be a proud ambassador of the skills of these inspiring enterprising women, who first popularised this art form, by displaying their creative skills on the walls of their simple houses.

6. Doodle Art Umbrellas

For the free-spirited – the free-flowing geometric Doodle art form will generate a liberating feeling. Equipped with your Doodle Digitally Printed Umbrella as a weather shield, enjoy the rains even as you proudly carry your umbrella that displays this vintage art form, that was painstakingly passed down the generations, and has been kept alive even by the digital world today.

7. Sui Dhaaga Printed Umbrellas

If you find variety the spice of life, our Sui Dhaaga Umbrella prints will captivate you, with its variety of designs, and rainbow of colours – just what you need to add zest and life, to a dark rainy day.

So, make this monsoon vibrant, as you proudly display your vintage-inspired umbrellas, adding colour and vivacity wherever you go… And remember, even as you cheer up a rainy day, you are also celebrating our Indian artisans and their centuries-old unique creative art forms, in their digital avatars. Let your passion for all things vintage, become your umbrella style statement this monsoon!

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