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India – The Showcase of Famed Craft Forms

India – The Showcase of Famed Craft Forms

India – The Showcase of Famed Craft Forms

India is a land of rich diversity, be it language, art, culture, dance, or tradition. Famed for its cultural heritage, its artisans and craftsmen, fashion with their hands and simple tools, many exquisite and diversified artistic masterpieces, and intricate handicrafts. Recognising the need to support these artisans and craftsmen, and preserve their rare craft forms and dexterities, The Bombay Store has been the epicentre that showcases India’s rich diversity under one roof, or more precisely now – one virtual roof! You can now shop from the comfort of your homes, and buy Indian handicrafts online.

This blog celebrates our highly skilled Indian craftsmen, who hold an integral place in India's socio-economic fabric. So, let’s explore and appreciate their timeless centuries-old skills and talents, that are so diverse in variety and form.

A Virtual Tour to Sample India’s Craft Forms

Let’s imaginatively traverse the length and breadth of our country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and Gujarat to Guwahati, to sample our rich heritage of art and craft. Here’s a list of the immense creative genius of India’s expert craftsmen, who take nature’s products and fascinatingly transform them into works of marvel.

  1. Marble Crafts

Our Marble sculptors display artistic ingenuity to present us with lifelike sculpted masterpieces of Ganeshas, Buddhas and other idols. Intricate features are so delicately sculpted on to both White and Black Marble. They also creatively craft exquisite marble masterpieces like the Taj Mahal. There are additionally practical articles like tea coasters, vases, etc. which are given an extra special look with embossed engraving and intricate designs. Visit our website to feast your eyes and decorate your homes from our marvellous Marble Collection.

  1. Marble Inlay Handicrafts

This craft requires skill that very few have expertise in. It comprises of cutting and engraving marble shapes by hand, creating intricate artefacts, and is also used in architecture. These adept craftsmen also beautifully inlay designs of various semi-precious stones on marble surfaces, taking its splendour several notches higher. You can sample this craft on our website to appreciate the skill involved. Check how these craftsmen have beautified gift  boxes with intricate Marble Inlay designs.

  1. Metal Crafts

Ingenious Metal Crafts have been around in our country for millenniums, and the range of articles made by these skilled metal craftsmen, is quite vast. Their creative genius transforms metals like iron, brass, copper, silver, etc. into spectacular articles. Take a look at their metallic marvels on our website. The choices are many! From intricately sculpted and painted idols, to delicate figurines, and other display articles. From artistic home décor items like exquisitely carved vases, decorative photo frames, designed wall frames, lamp shades/stands, to beautiful and delicate artefacts. From articles of everyday use like storage boxes, utensils, and decorative hooks, to exquisitely crafted jewellery, and memorable souvenirs like keychains, bookmarks, and the list goes on…

  1. Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden craft skill is another traditional talent that has been passed down the centuries from one generation to another. These resourceful craftsmen use wood from different trees to carve articles of various kinds. These are then polished or artistically painted to beautify them. Our website displays this artistic skill in the form of intricately carved idols; wooden chowkis; wooden painted tissue boxes and coasters; wooden storage boxes, photo frames, key chains, bookmarks, pen stands; wooden hand-painted animals and birds; and other display articles like wooden musical miniatures, and more.

  1. Stone Carving

Stone Carving is also another specialised area of expertise of Indian artisans, who take stones of medium hardness and fashion from them lifelike idols or other images; or carve out intricate geometric, floral, or other design work on these stones, which come in different colours. Have a look at our website to appreciate the spectacular work of these stone artisans, who creatively carve stone trees, idols, figurines, and a host of other products.

  1. Graphic Works

Graphic works are the result of spectacular art work in different hues and colours, that add beauty to our articles of daily use, making them vibrant and eye-catching. Review the wide array of Graphic Works on our website that come in traditional prints like the king’s procession, nature prints, or even geometrical and other prints. There are teacups, coffee mugs, coasters, tissue boxes, tissue holders, tote bags, laptop bags, wristlets, diary cases, trays, and many more useful articles, beautifully dressed up in graphic prints.

  1. Clay Sculpture and Artefacts

Clay Sculpture is yet another fascinating craft that dates back to epoch times. These spectacular craftsmen, wave their wands of magic to transform something as mundane as clay, into marvellous masterpieces. Their creative hands give us delicately crafted clay sculpture of idols, people, animals, and also other beautiful display pieces. Also check how they add that touch of beauty to the dimmed lighting and aroma sources in your home, with our range of Clay T-lite Holder Rings, Tubs, and Domes; and Clay Incense Stick Holders.

  1. Resin Handicrafts

Resin refers to a category of semi-solid natural and synthetic compounds, that can be hardened into a highly durable plastic material. Resin craft is the art of creating various forms by making a mould of the required shape, and then filling it with resin which is in liquid form. When the resin hardens, it takes the shape of the mould, to give us beautiful articles. A look at our website will reveal intricately moulded idols, refrigerator magnets, miniatures, and frames that you can decorate your home with.

  1. Glass Handicrafts

Glass handicrafts are the collective basket of artistic and decorative items made primarily from glass. The ingenuity of these craftsmen lies in crafting spectacular shapes by blowing hot air in them, cutting them and working on them to create unique and intricate display articles. Take a look at our website and choose from beautiful shot glasses printed with Indian monuments or adorned in Doodle art, dainty wine glasses with ‘desi’ prints, lanterns, lamps, beautiful home décor items, colourful glass bead jewellery and more.

  1. Home Décor in Silk, Cotton, Mirror Work, and More

Our talented Indian craftsmen also turn out beautiful items from different fabrics. Among these talents we see creative embroidery, fabrics embossed in Indian prints, or decorated with mirror work, to enhance the beauty of our daily products. Spare a minute to feast your eyes on the soft silk stoles, artistic silk pouches, silk cushion covers, silk bags, decorative cotton wall hangings, cotton pouches, cotton tote bags, cotton face masks, and more.

  1. Leather Craft

India also has ingenious leather craftsmen, who are equally creative in styling a variety of bags and beautifying them with Indian prints, or fabricating animal prints that add a unique look to laptop bags, tote bags, sling bags, lunch bags, wallets, diary covers, etc. Visit our website to view the full range of these original creations.

  1. Papier Mache or Paper Mache Handicrafts

Papier Mache products are made by creative craftsmen who take paper pulp and glue, and turn them into works of art, by following the required process. These are then beautifully painted or decorated with textiles, etc. The beauty of this art is that even unwanted magazines, comics, newspapers, wrapping paper, cardboard, etc. can be recycled into artistic display pieces. Ordinary paper gets transformed into admirable figurines and dolls as can be seen on our website.

  1. Meenakari Craft

Meenakari Craft is an ancient Indian art form of enamelling metal surfaces with vibrant colours, patterns, and designs. These creative artists have the unique skill of painting and colouring surfaces of metals, marble, stone, and ceramic tiles through enamelling. They work their magic to transform various useful articles into objects of  admiration. Choose from the Meenakari displays on our website: Meenakari design on platter plates, bowls, coasters, fridge magnets, wooden chowkis, etc.

To respect the reader’s precious time, we’ll end our virtual tour, trusting that it has fulfilled its purpose of presenting a fair idea of the richness and immensity of talent across our country. There are many more Indian crafts like Terracotta Handicrafts, Blue Pottery Crafts, Dokra Crafts and Paintings, Warli Art, Bamboo Handicrafts, Horn Handicrafts, Stone Inlay Crafts, and the list goes on…

At The Bombay Store, we realise the cultural wealth of our rich Indian heritage and the need to preserve it. Hence, we identify these talents from across the country, and bring together under one roof, these wonderful masterpieces, spectacular crafts, and ingenious artistic displays. Visit our website, and check out our array of Home Décor Items, Sculpted Idols like Ganesha, Graphic Works, Artefacts, Accessories, Souvenirs, Wellness Products, Toys, Games, and much more.

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