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Elevate Your Living Space with Unique Decorative Gift Items

Elevate Your Living Space with Unique Decorative Gift Items

Elevate Your Living Space with Unique Decorative Gift Items

Your living spaces are hallowed grounds that you proudly call ‘home’. Tastefully adorned with decorative gift items, they will refresh and rejuvenate you, as you unwind from the stresses of daily living. Your home’s ambience becomes a vital conduit to your holistic health and well-being. So, gift yourself to your heart’s content, and make your home the place that truly celebrates you.

While styles are varied, and what’s in vogue keeps changing, it’s important to choose what lights up your heart. Among the evergreen styles is the Traditional look, where home décor items lend an air of vintage exclusivity. These decorative gift items never go out of style, especially for those who treasure the peaceful existence of the days of yore, and want their homes to be sanctuaries that contrast their bustling cityscapes. If traditional Swadeshi styles beckon you, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on at The Online Bombay Store – Your All-inclusive Online Handicrafts Shop.

Here's a guided tour for elevating your living space with styles that give wings to your creative instincts, to make your home come alive and makes your heart proud. There’s plenty to choose from – Home Décor Items, Handicraft Gift Items; Wall Décor; Decorative Gift Items; Artifacts Home Décor; Wooden Decorative Items; Wooden Handicrafts; Traditional Artefacts; Graphic Works; Decorative Tableware; Sculpted Idols in brass, other metals, marble, and stone; Souvenirs; Accessories; Wellness Products… and there are also intelligent Toys and Games to add to your children’s play room. Indeed, we have something special, for each and every room, be it your living room, dining room, bedroom, prayer room, play room, kitchen, washrooms, or even your outdoors.

Home Décor Ideas to Elevate Your Living Spaces

  1. Authentic Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts add that unique and personal touch to home décor. There’s a wide array to choose from. Make your walls come alive with beautiful paintings and traditional handcrafted wall hangings, handcrafted frames, functional clocks, etc. Decorate your living spaces with intricate sculptures, and elegant artefacts. Buy handicrafts online, and introduce exclusive perspectives and styles to your home. You will simultaneously be celebrating and honouring the skill of local artisans, whose specialized art forms are rich with generations of distinctive tradition.

  1. Furniture

Take home furniture that has a customised look and feel, be it an Iron stool with floral cutwork, wooden hand-painted elephant table, wooden chest in assorted colours, wooden table with colourful tiles, marble hand-painted chopras, chowkis of wood and brass in delicate Meenakari work, etc. They will certainly strike a chord with their touch of antiquity and vintage value, whether in your living room or your prayer room… There are also comfortable floor cushions in a riot of colours, floor cushions with magnificent mirror work, and the like. Choose from our functional furniture which will also enhance the unique look of your living spaces.

  1. Premium Masterpieces

For those who treasure exclusivity and sophistication, we have our premium products that include Idols and Figurine Masterpieces. These are exclusive sculptures in brass, bronze, silver, white and black marble – works of art with beauty and quality par excellence. They are indeed the Magnum Opus of their creators and will add that distinctive premium look to your living spaces. Whether your preference is for spiritual or temporal, you’ll have plenty to choose from, to add inimitable charm, elegance, and/or vintage feel to your living spaces – a look that is guaranteed to earn immense admiration.

  1. Dainty Dining and Drinkware

There is no dearth of options for your dining, serving and drinkware. From brass bowl-tray-spoon sets in gold and silver plating, to colourful graphic art work on cups, coffee mugs, and khullad sets. From shot glasses, wine glasses and goblets with Indian prints, to Swadeshi serving trays, shot glasses trolley, and chai glasses thelas. From beautiful prints on napkin holders, tissue boxes, and coasters, to elegant runners, table mats and napkins in brocade. From ceramic chutney and achar jars, pen trays in enamel, and brass bowls, to hand-painted bottle openers, cork openers, bottle stoppers, and spreaders. Our range of useful tableware will add aesthetic appeal to your dining room, and even win admiration at party time!

  1. Assortment of Accessories

Spruce up your rooms with decorative bowls, vases, torans and hangings, unique book-end holders, candle holders, diyas, ashtrays, bells, small organisers etc. all adorned in traditional prints and patterns. Their varied designs, textures, colours, shapes and sizes will add to the visual appeal of your living spaces. Our range of accessories offer something for every room, including your prayer room to which our wellness accessories will lend an air of divinity.

  1. Botanical Beauty

Bring nature into your indoors with colourful potted foliage and flowering plants that enhance beauty, as well as indoor air quality. Choose from our unique pots, planters and vases that will accentuate the beauty of your potted foliage, and floral arrangements.

  1. Embroidered and Painted Textiles

Our handcrafted tapestry is sure to attract attention for the beauty and elegance they add, be it to your living room, or bedrooms. Take your pick from our handmade textiles that include embroidered cushions, and artistically painted and adorned tapestry. Enjoy your comfortable and cosy hideout as you snugly curl in with your comfy cushions that brim with beauty.

Inviting you to have a blast as you sit in the comfort of your home, and choose from our wide selection of decorative home décor that will enhance the style, character and visual appeal of your living spaces. Home is where your heart is, and so, freely give expression to your own unique style as you transform your house into the beautiful home where your heart yearns to be. The good news is that The Bombay Store has something for every penchant… and every purse too!

The Online Bombay Store – Home Décor that celebrates YOU.

… And when you are done decorating your home, explore the rest of our website www.thebombaystore.com, for an even wider offering that we have lined up for you. Browse through our sculpted section for intricately crafted Ganeshas, Buddhas and more; Gorgeous Graphic Works that go beyond home décor; Attractive Artefacts; Alluring Accessories that include jewellery, bags, wallets, wraps, etc.; Wellness Products; Striking Souvenirs; Interesting Toys, and Intelligent Games…

All this available to you from the comfort of your home, at the time of your convenience!