The Bombay Store Sundarkanda in Wooden Box A7 Size

Sundarkanda in Wooden Box A7 Size

₹ 3,450
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Key Features

  • Size : 14 cm x 5 cm x 11 cm
  • Weight : 465 grams
  • Material : Wood
  • Colour : Multi
  • Care Instruction : Wipe it clean with soft & dry cloth
  • Disclaimer : Handcrafted and Made in India
  • Dispatched in 1-2 days

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Sundarkanda in Wooden Box A7 Size

Sundara-k???a, the fifth section/canto of ?r?mad V?lm?ki R?m?ya?a of Bhagav?n V?lm?ki, shines as a beacon of eternal light. Within its 2800 verses lies enshrined, many an invaluable lesson, personified in the one perfected soul – Hanum?n. Hanum?n, the protagonist of the Sundara-k???a, is a paradigmatic Bhakta (devotee), model emissary, warrior redoubtable, saviour supreme, preceptor peerless, and scourge paramount. Every endeavour Hanuman engaged in was profundity incarnate. Consequently, is this section of ?r?mad V?lm?ki R?m?ya?a named ‘Sundara-k???a;’ the term Sundara meaning beautiful/right. Hanum?n of the Sundara-k???a exemplifies ‘Perfect Perfection.’

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