Brass Nandi with Stonework 35 x 21 in

Nandi in Hindu religion, serves as the mount of Lord Shiva and the Gatekeeper of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It is also said that it was...
Brass Masterpieces
Rs 98,500

Brass Antique Finish Deer Set of Two

A thing of beauty is joy forever. Brass is considered a sacred metal, having heritage value that can be passed on from one generation...
Brass Masterpieces
Rs 38,800

Metal Stone Decorated Elephant 13 in

The gentle giant has always been revered and admired by The Bombay Store and its patrons. The royal tusker has attained iconic status in...
Brass Masterpieces
Rs 33,000

Labradorite Stone Shivling 11 x 11 in

Labradorite Stone is sourced from the mines in Orrisa, these products are meticulously hand-carved out of a single block. Therefore you will never find...
Brass Masterpieces
Rs 75,000

Marble Handpainted Flower Vase 24 in

These Marble Artefacts from Rajasthan are carved out of pure Makarana Marble (the best marble of India) and is among the most distinguished piece...
Brass Marble Masterpieces
Rs 25,000

Brass Ganesh with Stonework 33 in

A beloved deity of Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the harbinger of happiness (Sukhakarta) and dispeller of distress and obstacles (Dukhaharata)....
Brass Masterpieces
Rs 185,000

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